Tales of I wish

How, I wish for
A childhood that was tearless
A home that felt more like home,
Thirsted from affection and care
Was Left to search for fertility
Poor fragile seedling.
Entangled in frustrations
Of those that nutured me

Now, I wish for
Splendid seasons, no end
Delicacies lined to my taste
Gifted but humble,
Wealthy but kind
A tortoise love
With colours of pure life
Emotions like sunset
On the seashore

A life, I wish for
An open, healing heart
One that bleeds but mends
A jubilant walk, Haunka matata
If ever, I hit my toe
And sadness germinates,
An unwanted plant: a weed
I will eliminate
Every day on this land
Shall count
They will know I was here

© Joeln


Stitching holes
Imparted by hearts
That weren’t compatible
With my own.
Memory scars
Of misplaced emotions

A mind afraid to get
A Glittering out look,
Inner ruckus…
Now Doubtful
And saunter,
When it comes to
Letting another entrance


Desired nature

I live to bring light to darkness
To make gloomy faces, glow
To ignite hope
And conclude sad chapters.
Spreading waves of harmony.

I live for peace.
To witness, the just prevail
To glance at spontaneous hearts
Through smirks and laughters.
To whip out envy, jealously
And let union delight, shine.

I hope for a pure embrace
Warmth, spread across all boundaries
Breaking the spell of hatred
Sympathy, understanding and forgiveness
Letting grace reign.

© Joeln

The journey is worth

Self, fear not

Our Genesis, might

Bark fiercely

But the journey is worth

Every sting

The yields of the walk

Shall blossom

And our yearns quenched

© Joeln


My vision sails
The raging waves shrug
A site frightening
Like a beeswarm
After the uninvited

I navigate the waters
My boat wavering
And I quivering
Rabbit scared
Afraid of
Not making it to the shores

© Joeln

I live my story

Dressed in pre owned garments
My face pale
I can afford a bath
But not cream
Hunger my stomach hosts
For bread is beyond my reach
Distress surrounds me
In this anomalistic state

Shame, all over me
I walk with my eyes on my feet
For scorn and laughter
Fall heavily
On my fightless soul
Chased and abused
Good for nothing
Is all I hear from the outside

They cast their eyes
Of pity, resentment and fright
As some throw insults
Others rush to keep their distance
Not to contract my fate

My presence is of discomfort
On a glance they frown with dismay
Their exasperated faces
Signal my unwantedness
Am alone and I know

Live my story with strength
Taking it all in
Treating each day as it comes
Dressing my wounds
Mending my heart
For one step ahead
Positions me to my glory

Moments of failure

The glowing fresh delight
The fervency of self worth
The mind motivation aspect
The jubilant feeling of relief
The edge of confidence and comfort
The embrace of body and soul
Seem like illusions.

Darkness befalls dimlight
Blinded by Doubt
That evades fiercely All harmony is snatched
Courage and enthusiasm drained
Depowering my spirit
Because the unjust dominant

Dismay awakens tension and anger
Displeasure hosts anxious thoughts
My cry for help amplified As moment of divine failure Encroach and sabotage My smooth Sail


Plastered smiles

Afloat but sinking within
A bruised mind
With deranged thoughts
Saintly paint 
Spread on filthy walls

Plastered Smiles
Ulterior intentions
Let your sight see
Beyond your eyes


Love Sequence

Flows like ocean waters
Driven by marvel ghost waves
Cladding with divine intensity
In the oval human flesh
Stealthily evading its chambers
Capturing one’s thoughts
Leaving you at edge

It ripples through the soul
With flashes of astonishment
Blurred and thick
The mind can’t resist
Only to surrender gradually
As the feeling of delight
Overwhelms the captive

Arrival is never announced
Surprise clouds the receptor
Denial, refusal or acceptance
It seeds and nurtures
Affection and desire
The allure leaves you in space

The brain might flex
Shielding the envision
But not even the most
Sophisticated high tech shield
Can get in the way
Of the love sequence

The urge to tell emerges
Hungry is the heart
For a chance to fill
A void not know to it

The soul yearns for another
One that complements
The emptiness
Only thy touch can
Calm the fire that blazes
From the inside


Passion and inspiration.

Cladded by volumes
I crane, head high above
Ambitious soul caged
Seduced by luscious prints
Passionately altered and crafted
By Genius minds

Sinking in depth
Or rising a float
Tales to be told
If fate and luck
In my favour
For am head over heels
My mind won’t let me flee…