It Might be U 7 #fictionalstory

“Alright then, I will be right behind you.” I reply and we walk straight out. I guess the time is now. Out of the room we stand out, a bit tense but it’s an inner battle that I suffocate with ease. “So, you were saying?” She asks politely. “Oh yeah, I was just wondering! Will you be free on Saturday?” I ask humbly with a smile and anxiously wait for a response.

She smiles, heists to utter her response but finally speaks “ Sorry, I have plans. Maybe some other time,” which leaves me a bit perplexed but I play it.

“I understand, maybe some other time.” “Alright then, I should get going,”she goes back to the reception. Mans cracked but it is not the end, nobody can stop reggae: pep talk again.

They give me the courage to cope with these inauspicious moments just like the one the previous one.

Back to my desk, Richard inquisitively gazes at me with a trouble stare that would detect an early pregnancy ASP. I just quietly head to my desk. I don’t really feel sad but just a bit baffled. I didn’t think It was going to require a drill strategy. I thought she would align and we would flame but it seems like some strategies have to be put forth.

“So, how did it go?” He asks. Am literally facing my computer and he is facing his but I can smell the scents of his curiosity. “The mission was a success” I sarcastically tell him in a weak tone. “Why?” He asks, turning to face me. “She got plans on my suggested day?”I blurt. 

“Why didn’t you suggest another day?”


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