It might be U 14 #fictionalstory

Sunday afternoon with my parents,I felt like hanging out with my people. As nagging as they can be, God knows I adore them. It’s been awhile since i chipped in but nothing has really changed and my buddies aren’t getting any younger.

“Sokoje  wano, these letters are too small,I don’t know who tampered with  my settings. I can’t read them very well. Biteleleze.” My mum requests. She got herself an iphone but they are in a toxic relationship with the gadget. Something is always wrong and I think the user creates all the trouble.

I bend next to the three seater sofa, one she likes most, I might say because she can lay the legs straight up. I reach out for the phone, go straight to the settings and adjust the text size: Problem solved.

“Maliliza,mummy” i assert as i give back the phone. “What had happened to it? She asks “Nze bya nemye.”she asserts. “ Waliwo eyakusiza settings, the Text size was reduced.” I answer and get back my seat. “Oba ani yagibadeko!” She speaks inquisitively while looking at

my younger sister. A sixteen year old one who is very smart and curious. “Am not the one” my sister utters with a guilty tone and an exasperated face. “ Your hands are not to be tested” my mum claims implicitly.


“ Banange, emeere tenaba?” My dad asks as he enters the living room. “Iam very hungry” he clearly states as he takes his seat. “ We are waiting for Martha to come.” My mum replies. “The last time we talked she was getting a boda from the taxi stop. Ali kumpi kutuka”


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