It might be U 17 #afictionalstory

“Ok, wait! What! No. How! But why” blabbering overwhelmed with disbelief.

“ Am sorry, I know we have had some special moments, but it has to end,” she utters with exasperation as tears roll down her eyes. I am perplexed. I didn’t see this coming. Did I do something wrong!? Why did she decide to wash everything down the drain? “Ok, babe, relax,” I try to comfort her: speaking to myself as well as because I am losing it. “Why are you like this?” I ask politely. She is still tearing but calmer.

“Alfred, I don’t think I will be able to give you what you want.” She laments. “Have a lot to deal with, way too much for you..” she asserts as she looks at me, her eyes watering and filled with concern. Which traumas lie beneath her beautiful soul! I wonder.

“Breathe…” I whisper while wiping her tears with my thumb. Capping her chin, I gaze into her eyes. “I love you and am ready to check into rehab with you” I Initially start with a soft intentional tone but end with wit. We both burst into laughter. With the laughing comes the realization that I just told her how much love her.


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