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It might be U 21 #fictionalstory

“Will you have to go up country to monitor progress?” Jackie suddenly asks, her sight from the screen, she stares into my eyes. “Not really and not now, if I am needed I will be notified but I don’t think I will be going there anytime soon. Why ask? Wait…! Are you starting to miss my presence?” I smirk and she smiles back. “ You wish,” she speaks nonchalantly.

Her eyes back to the screen. “It’s ok to miss me,” I speak in a jokester tone. “Seems like your confidence is skyrocketing lately!” She states with humor.“

“Always been…” I assert firmly. “Ok sir,” she replies with disregard.

Eyes back on the screen, we suddenly get distracted by a gentle knock at the door. “Were you expecting anyone tonight?”Jackie asks with astonishment. The knocking continues, “Not anyone I know!” I state clearly, “ but someone is at the door,” she blurts out. “Let me go and see wassup,“ I declare. As Jackie withdrawals from my lap, I abruptly get up and head to my door.

On opening, “Baby boy, what took you so long?”



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